“Live” from the Kitchen Table

Over the last few days, companies around the globe have rolled out mandates regarding working remotely to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and to protect their employees, customers and communities. For some organizations and their employees, this is a new way of working and it could be the norm for an undetermined period of time.

Whether your workforce are veterans or newbies in the telecommuting world, your managers and employees may be facing concerns with the challenge of working remotely, for instance:

As a manager, what are best practices to…

As an employee, what’s the best way to…

•    Lead from a distance
•    Stay connected and collaborate with employees
•    Maintain operations, productivity and performance outcomes
•    Encourage positive employee morale
•    Transition from working at an office to home
•    Stay connected and collaborate with my managers, colleagues and/or clients
•    Manage my time effectively and keep my work/life balance
•    Maintain my same level of productivity and results

It is common practice for Conduent teams to collaborate virtually and remotely, as a significant portion of our employees are home-based world-wide and have been for many years. We invite you to join us to learn tips, tricks and strategies to overcome these challenges for a successful telecommuting experience.

All live webinars have been completed please view recorded versions of our webinars below.

Watch a recorded Manager-focused webinar:

Watch a recorded Employee-focused webinar:

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