“At such times the universe gets a little closer to us. They are strange times, times of beginnings and endings. Dangerous and powerful. And we feel it even if we don’t know what it is. These times are not necessarily good, and not necessarily bad. In fact, what they are depends on what *we* are.”

~ Terry Pratchett

We thought the quote above was a useful observation on the times we are in as we all work to navigate what Time magazine recently called “the World’s Largest Work-From-Home Experiment.”

The success or lack of success of each of us as a manager, as an employee, and as a provider to our clients, will depend, as Terry wrote, on what each of us is and does!

While we do not pretend to be the experts in working from home, as a company we do have a significant experience in working remotely from home and elsewhere for many years and in this site we have curated what we believe are some of the best practices, learning objects, articles and some of our own thoughts and ideas on the subject of working from home.

Our sincere best wishes to everyone around the world as we all navigate these times together!